"You think the damn bourgeoisie cares about who they're stepping on?!
We're all nothing but SOCKS to those BASTARDS!"

Karma "Rage Rag" Washadautt

AGE: 27 GENDER: Female PRONOUNS: She/he SEXUALITY: Polyflexible omnisexual HEIGHT: 5'9" (Technically 10'9" if you unfold her, but I wouldn't do that for her own sake) BLOOD COLOR: #343D6B OBJECT: A dull light blue rag on a silver towel ring. She has three stitched up cuts on her body: a diagonal one at the bottom, a small one below her mouth and covered with a googly eye, and a medium one above her right eye. There is also a googly eye on her right cheek as well as one on the left corner of her body.


Karma Washadautt, also known by her stage name, "Rage Rag," doesn't exactly make the prettiest puppets. While some of them are, others are prickly and crudely crafted together. With felt, fabric, socks, cardboard, or whatever he has in stock, he puts on makeshift puppet shows for everyone passing by to watch and hear. Karma uses her shows as a method of satire, activism, and sardonic commentary. Though her presentation isn't exactly perfect, the strange blunt messiness of it all only adds to the messages she tries to convey. Karma is well-respected for his potent criticisms of the current social and political world as well as his willingness to address a large variety of topics no matter what they're about. PERSONALITY: Most people on the street don't bother to get to know Karma because of how unapproachable she seems. It's understandable; she usually ends up yelling at some point in lots of her shows. He prefers more engaging conversations than just small talk, so he's not really the greatest at starting things off, either. With her cynical, rugged mindset, it's even harder for her to try and get close to people. Despite the alias, though, Karma's a relatively placid person, as she doesn't actually gets so angry that easily outside of her work. There's not a lot that gets her riled up unless you go out of your way to insult her or actually hurt someone (or you work certain jobs, of course...). Even then, she tries to be civil, hiding her annoyances to try and keep her cool. He's usually too tired to want to start debating out of nowhere anyway, even if he wanted to. Karma is ambitious, always knowing exactly what she wants. She's willing to take her time and work hard in order to acheive her goals. There's always a rigid moral code she follows while doing this, so she only does what she feels is right to do while doing so. It's rare for her to, if ever, break this code (at least intentionally). He's strict on himself about trying to avoid harm on others, only targeting those who deserve it. Unfortunately, he can be quite unforgiving when it comes to this: If someone messes up once, he's unwilling to give them a second chance. His stubborness can end up hurting people who are genuinely trying to get better, breaking his own rules without even realizing it. He's more forgiving towards people he's close to, but it really just depends on what exactly they've done. In general, he has a softer side towards his loved ones. Once she really gets to know someone, she shows much more affection and warmth. Her usual walls lower themselves a bit, and she's more open towards them. Typically, those close to him can see his more artistic side shine through as well, his love for arts & crafts and creativity. She has a lot of passion in her. It can drive some people off, but it's simply who she is.

✃ Karma is agile and gets around easily. Given she's constantly just hanging above the ground and can tuck her arms inside herself, she doesn't usually trip or get caught on obstacles. ✃ She has good dexterity, probably from all her sewing and cutting for puppets. She's precise and deliberate with her hands, being able to skillfully hold and use things without making mistakes or letting it slip out from between her fingers. ✃ He's always willing to be assertive and states his opinion clearly. He's not a doormat, and will always say "no" when he means to say "no" and "yes" when he means to say "yes." ✃ Karma is good at reading other people's emotions and noticing when things seem wrong. She's not the greatest at comforting, but she at least knows somebody whos' upset when she sees one, and will try to be gentler around them to accommodate. ✁ Some of Karma's organs are not protected by bone, and are on the back side of her two halves. When you unfold her, not only is she greatly immobilized, but multiple of her organs are now visible and vulnerable, covered only by skin, fat, and flesh. ✁ He has a high pain tolerance, as he feels numb towards minor injuries and takes longer to feel worse ones. This works against him most of the time, because it's hard for him to notice when he's been hurt right away unless he saw it happening or the injury is severe enough. ✁ Karma tends to soak up the emotions around her like a sponge. She gets overwhelmed easily when lots of people are upset and struggles to deal with it coming at her all at once. ✁ She forgets to take care of herself a lot, both physically and mentally. Sometimes it's because she's so wrapped up in other people's business that she neglects to worry about herself, and other times she simply gets so focused on what she's doing that she forgets to.
❧ Vanilla ice cream ❧ Stuffed animals ❧ Yarn ❧ Poetry ❧ Lemonade Squirrels ☙ Black coffee ☙ Getting wet ☙ Knitting ☙ Mud ☙

HOBBIES: ❧ Scrapbooking ❧ Crocheting ❧ Origami ❧ Playing Cards