rotto, the ultimate plushmaker.

timezone: est

basic info

male, he/it

rotto is a rotten apple with 2 arms and 2 legs. a large worm has eaten through him, and there are two red pins stuck into his head.

he works as a plushmaker, as sewing is one of the few skills he knows to do thoroughly enough to make a living. he doesn't have a definite destination for his work, travelling here and there and offering his services to the locals around him. rotto is skilled in making a variety of different kinds of plushes and dolls. though he prefers to make smaller ones, he can make larger ones as well. the plushes he makes can range from anything from animals, to inanimate objects, to actual people, either due to commissions or because they're a popular figure. he doesn't have access to the most luxurious materials, but he has a lot of time on his hand, and thus has mastered the art of his craft regardless of what's provided to him. his plushes are, perhaps, more popular than him, as more people are familiar with seeing his fabric replicas being carried in the arms of children than seeing the creator of the plushes himself.


rotto, for all of his known existence, has been nothing but an outlier. he's never been anyone that fits in with the rest. he doesn't even know if he's really anyone at all. the feeling of fog in his head makes it hard to remember much, let alone who he is. the unsure nature of his very existence leaves him in a state of constant confusion and uncertainty. it doesn't like to look at the present, yet it has nothing to remember of its past, and its future appears bleak. so, it retreats to its daydreams, coping with the ambiguous world given to them using the certain power it has over its own imaginary storylines. his constant daydreaming causes him to space out, making him somewhat inattentive to the things around him. still, he cannot completely block out the real world, and from what's been given to him, he has a pessimistic view of it all. he's not a complainer, though, simply taking it all in and internalizing it all, regardless of the severity of things.

his appearance and general physical features often repel people away from him, but he's a mild mannered person... most of the time, at least. rotto is respectful and understanding, and would be grateful if someone were to talk to him or even acknowledge him outside of buying his crafts. he's quite lonely, after all, even if he's not really sure how to start conversatons. it makes it eager to engage in small talk and quite willing to talk to people in general. that's not to say it's the best at it, though. it often struggles with communicating things or may be inattentive to the things people are saying. still, he's always up for conversation. there is just one thing; he's not a pushover. even if he's quiet and unsure of his own self, he's in no way easily swayed. if he wants something, and if he's desperate for it, he will do anything to accomplish it. anything, no matter what. he'll be as polite as he can about it, but ultimately, the ends justify the means for him.

asides from interacting with people, he lacks enthusiasm for much else. he feels neutral or indifferent to many things. he has a drive for the goals he wants to achieve, but even then, he really only seeks peace and quiet rather than joy necessarily. he has nobody who he can connect to or bond with, and isn't even sure how to feel about himself. he feels empty and hollow, like he's missing something. its sense of longing only contributes to him retreating into his own head, wishing for a life where it felt more fulfilled instead of listless. he was someone, once. yet, the passage of time has made him nothing but a lonely wanderer.

extra info

rotto is gay.

his blood color is #a67b26.

▪︎ he smells REALLY bad. being a reanimated corpse and also a rotten food object is not the greatest combination to be under.

▪︎ its personality and desires were influenced off the song "the ballad of jane doe" from ride the cyclone. i made rotto in 2019, but struggled for a very long time until pretty recently with writing his actual character.

▪︎ he taught himself how to sew and make puppets due to needing similar skills for his own self-repair.

▪︎ since he's a zombie, he doesn't need to eat or drink, and doesn't need to breathe either. he requires magical assistance to heal injuries that can't be solved through stitching, though.

▪︎ he could just pop his stitched hand off and still move it around freely if he truly wanted, but he doesn't do it often cause its a hassle to reattach it again.

▪︎ it draws in its freetime sometimes, though its not really experienced with it.

▪︎ it moves quite slowly, and finds it hard to keep up with people moving around quickly.

▪︎ bugs are a big nuisance for him to deal with, so he keeps himself and his workplace clean the best he can.